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Carlo P. Sanfilippo

Carlo P. Sanfilippo

President / Wealth Consultant / CFP®

As President and Founder of Integral Wealth, Carlo’s main goal is to help people create and implement solutions in line with their unique financial and life values.

Growing up with a divorced mother of three, Carlo gained an understanding of money and its place in life at a very early age. Watching his mom manage the household budget and the lessons she taught him—both directly and indirectly—had a profound impact on Carlo’s view of money and security.

During high school and college, Carlo worked for owners of local businesses, and this planted the seed of one day starting his own business. During an internship at Sparkasse Offenburg bank in Southwest Germany, he had the opportunity to work in the investment department, where he developed a recognition of how strongly our perceptions of money affect the choices we make. This foundational concept eventually grew into the Integral Wealth approach that he practices today.

Carlo graduated from the University of Missouri–St. Louis with a BSBA Degree in Finance and a BA in German. He began his career in 1994 and received his foundational training from CIGNA Financial Advisors. In 2003, he founded an independent wealth management firm called The Wexford Group, eventually re-branding the organization under his own leadership as Integral Wealth. Today, as the proud father of two, Carlo strives to prepare his sons for a sound financial future. He is committed to helping his clients do the same for themselves and their families.

Carlo has a passion for travel, language, art and culture. After studying German for eight years in high school and college, he is now working on becoming proficient in Italian—in order to connect more deeply with his family and roots in Italy.