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Health and Wealth

| August 04, 2015
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Many of you know that I work hard to live on purpose. I have been very conscious about what I do and do not want in my life so that I can live in a way that brings me closer to what I want. In this process, I have made some observations that will hopefully be helpful to others. Here, I’m going to focus on health and wealth because I see a pattern in our society around how these two issues are treated.

What’s the Primary Goal?

For health, if you go to your doctor their primary goal is to see that you are “not sick.” If you are not sick, it has been my experience that doctors don’t have much time or advice for you. And many people are pretty cool with just being “not sick.”

The same is true for how many people handle their finances. It seems that the main goal is to be “not poor.” This means that money comes in and money goes out to pay taxes, bills, and minimum payments for all the “stuff” that a person has brought into their life. The outflow continually rises to meet inflow. So as income rises there tends to be more “stuff” (and often more expensive “stuff”) in one’s life, but no wealth.

Reevaluating for the Sake of Long-Term Well-Being

If you take Stephen Covey’s advice from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and “begin with the end in mind,” your goals might be different than “not sick” and “not poor.” Health goals to aspire to might include: abundant health, high levels of energy, physical strength, a flexible body, plenty of sleep, and the right nutrition to support these things. Wealth goals would hopefully include: building passive income, paying off debt, defining financial independence, setting goals for family and maybe even society. These lists are obviously not definitive and should be unique to your situation. The point is: Why not think long-term and aspire for more when it comes to your health and wealth?

Adjusting Your Personal Health and Wealth Goals

Each person reading this is at a different place in life. No matter your life stage, financial status, or health condition, you may find it helpful to ask the following:

  • “Where am I now?” Do a personal assessment or find professionals that can help.
  • “Where do I want to be?” Write a wish list of all the things you want to accomplish in those areas.
  • “How do I get there?” Ask for help, find books, scour the internet, make a plan.

Take time each day to step back and look at your health and wealth habits. Are you spending consciously? Are you living and eating in a way that will give you more energy rather than leave you feeling tired and sick?

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