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Thoughts on Spending on Purpose

| March 03, 2015
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Part of what I hope to do with Integral Wealth is to help people learn to make more conscious decisions about their lives. To live on purpose, especially when it comes to their time and money. I see huge amounts of societal pressure on people at various stages of life that leads people into expensive lifestyles at or above their means, with no free time or money to really pursue their passions. A good way to avoid this trap is by spending on purpose.

"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and enemy of growth."

John F. Kennedy

How Does Spending on Purpose Work?

The next time you hear yourself saying you don't have time or money for this or that, do an audit of where your time and money go, and look at what changes you could make. For example, I got rid of my cable because I rarely watched it and saw it as a time waster. I took the $125/month it cost me and set it aside for adventures with my boys. With credit card points, our cable money, and some use of the internet to find deals, we have had some amazing trips and priceless memories that a TV show could never provide.

My stepfather, Jim, was able to retire at 55 and realize his dream of living in the country by making lots of decisions like this. Even though he was the director of a huge division at McDonnell Douglas, he always drove older cars that were inexpensive. When he needed a nicer car for business or a long trip, he would just rent one.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Joy

Spending on purpose isn't about "sacrificing" as much as it is about being conscious of how you spend your money. After really looking at your expenses and making a plan to spend on purpose, you may have the same outflow with money going to things that bring more joy, health, adventure, security, and happiness to your life.

You trade time out of your life for money...make it worth it by spending on purpose for the life you want. 

Have questions? Want help adjusting your expenses so that you can live on purpose? Let me know! Email

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