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Our Mission

Our primary mission is to build and preserve your financial assets for you and those you love. But we also seek to understand how all your “assets” integrate into your enjoyment of life and your personal and financial prosperity. With the Integral Wealth approach to financial advising, our vision is to create a unique and personalized experience—one that transcends money and numbers and brings something of real value to your life.

Our ultimate goal is to help you gain the financial freedom to pursue your purpose and your passions—with the confidence that all aspects of your “riches” are considered: your portfolio, business, health, faith, philanthropy, lifestyle and family.

Our Founding Principles

Our company was founded on the principles of knowledge, freedom and happiness. For many, feelings and decisions about money are driven by fear or anxiety. We define this as your Money Shadow™.  At Integral Wealth, our approach to wealth management is driven by freedom instead of fear. We believe that discovering and understanding how your Money Shadow affects your life choices is key to making stronger decisions, easing your stress and living a happier life.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Above all else, we operate with integrity—providing consistent and objective financial guidance.
  • Understanding: Beyond simply identifying your financial goals, we provide the empathy needed to fully understand your unique perspective, values and aspirations.
  • Clarity: We maintain clear communications, clear objectives and complete transparency in all matters.
  • Efficiency: In every interaction we have with you, we attempt to be as efficient as possible to make your decisions and actions as easy as possible.
  • Growth: When it comes to building and preserving your wealth, we are always learning and adopting best practices—but not before we’ve researched, planned and implemented the practices to make certain they are in your best interests.
  • Connection: We seek to impact the lives of our clients, our employees, our community and the world around us.

Our Motto

“Live your dream”

We view money as a tool to be used in pursuit of your personal aspirations.