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Why We're Different

We’re not your average financial advisor. Our deep understanding of today’s market, coupled with our interactions with you, our clients, has led us to develop a truly dynamic and integral approach to wealth management. Unlike others, we take the time to understand your unique perspective, goals and motivations. On top of providing the intellectual capital and resources needed to grow and preserve your financial assets, we also help you discover how you can use those assets to enrich your life and build your legacy.

When you work with us, you get:

Strategic collaboration and personalized support

We specialize in creating exceptional strategies that address complex wealth management issues, so you can effectively control the destination and purpose of your wealth. We anticipate issues proactively, strategize for best results and, above all, are ever present and committed to your success.

Exceptional service and communication

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We offer an unparalleled communication model, adapted solely to your preferences, and work to foster a trusted relationship built around the open exchange of ideas and shared concerns. We are always available to discuss your ongoing portfolio performance, and we proactively reach out to you as new opportunities arise.

An experienced and dedicated team

Our staff is highly experienced in engaging your current network of trusted professionals—such as accounting, legal and insurance professionals—to support all facets of your wealth management needs. In addition, if new opportunities present additional expert needs, we can introduce you to trusted partners who specialize in meeting those needs.

Objective, independent financial guidance

We act in your best interests always. As an independent firm, we have the flexibility to offer you access to a wide range of nonproprietary products and services—without the obligation to use any particular investment or brand—keeping our focus solely on your wealth management and legacy objectives.

A broad network of resources

You get more than our local team. We practice our own Integral Wealth approach with support by the resources of LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer.* With $464.8 billion in advisory and brokerage assets, LPL Financial provides the technology and breadth of services to support sophisticated wealth management solutions. LPL Financial is a leading source of objective advice for accumulating and managing personal wealth. The Research Team at LPL Financial is comprised of seasoned and accomplished industry veterans.


The LPL Financial SIPC** Membership provides account protection up to a maximum of $500,000 per customer, of which $250,000 may be claims for cash. An explanatory brochure is available at Additionally, through London Insurers, LPL Financial accounts have additional securities protection to cover the net equity of customer accounts up to an overall aggregate firm limit of $575,000,000 subject to conditions and limitations. The account protection applies when an SIPC member firm fails financially and is unable to meet obligations to securities clients, but it does not protect against losses from the rise and fall in the market value of investments.

* As reported in Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2017, based on total revenue.

** An explanatory brochure of SIPC coverage is available at